Reaney Blog January 2016

So the finger is pinless and back in action! It doesn’t look very pretty, but it can be in the water no problem and boy, does it feel good. I have to wear a splint when I swim or lift for the next 2 weeks still, but it’s better than having to be banished to kick board land. Training has been going really well, I’ve had an awesome couple days in the pool and the weight room and can finally feel myself getting back to normal/better than normal. My mom is in town visiting right now and it has been amazing to have her here. She voluntarily folded my laundry and vacuumed my floors and bought me enough stuff at costco to last a lifetime. Moms really are great. My mom is my best friend and we talk about everything and always have so much fun together. Plus she obviously spoils me, so I love having her around. We’re going to go to Skyzone and jump around until we almost puke later today, but don’t worry, I’ll wear my splint and be very careful as to not let my clumsiness lead to any further injuries. I hope everyone’s new year is going fabulously!