Reaney Blog – December 2015

Hey Dolfin Family!

I’m so excited to finally officially be a part of Team Dolfin and to work with them throughout this next whirlwind of a year. I cannot wait to really get into high gear and head into 2016 with momentum. Unfortunately, my training has hit a bit of a speed bump in the past month as I broke my right pointer finger very severely about 3 and a half weeks ago. I was putting a 40 pound dumbbell back on the rack during lift and it slipped thanks to my klutzy butterfingers. It fell and crushed my top knuckle perfectly against the metal rack and shattered the poor guy into three little pieces. The orthopedic surgeon was thankfully able to get me into surgery the next day and he put three pins in my finger to hold the pieces together so they can heal properly. I got one pin taken out this past Monday and the other two should be out by December 21st! The pesky pins are sticking out of my finger and are basically open wounds leading straight into my bones, which is why I’ve had to be very careful about working out lately. Sweat, pool water, and open air can all lead to serious infection so I have to make sure that I cover my finger thoroughly when I’m in the pool and clean it immediately after any activity that could cause it to sweat.

Because I can’t afford to get my finger even a little bit wet, I’ve been kicking on a board this whole time which was previously my ultimate weakness. It’s still not great, but I’ve taken this whole thing as a blessing in disguise to help force me to work on something that I have always struggled with. Hopefully by the time this is done I’ll be a kick master! And since I have a 1 pound weight limit on my right hand, I’ve had plenty of time to strengthen my lower body this past month. Between just kicking, only lower-body lifts, bike workouts, and stairclimber sessions, my legs are going to basically be jet packs by January.

I’m working in the Notre Dame Athletic Department as a graphic designer and video editor so that’s been keeping my mind off of everything and keeping me busy. I can’t wait to go home for Christmas and see my family, it’s been way too long. Then on the 27th of December the team and I head to Naples for a couple weeks for training trip which will be much needed as I’m sure the deathly cold of Northern Indiana will have set in by then.

Thanks for welcoming me and supporting me on my journey! T-minus 197 days!