Michelle Konkoly Q&A


This week for our teammate Tuesday we check in with team dolfin member Michelle Konkoly, holder of 5 American and 2 PamAmerican records in the sprint freestyle events, 3 Pan Pacific Para gold medals, and 3 IPC Swimming World Championship silver medals. We caught up with Michelle to talk about music, training and more, and to cheer her on in her journey to the podium this summer!


  1. What are some of your favorite ways to relax after a week of hard training?

Michelle:  Some of my favorite ways to relax during the week are napping, playing with my puppy, Ollie (mostly me trying to snuggle with him as he tries, unsuccessfully, to get me to chase him!), and cooking.  My friend Jennah and I get together every Saturday night to cook dinner….we usually cook enough for at least 6 people so that we can eat the leftovers during the week!

  1. What is the one song you can’t race without?

M: An oldie but a goodie – Pump It by Black Eyed Peas has been on every meet playlist since I had the first generation iPod back in middle school.


  1. What are your training focal points for this summer: technical/mental/ race specific? 

M: Training goals for this summer are focused on increasing power and explosiveness in the weight room, maintaining high tempo throughout my sprint races, and maintaining or reducing stroke count while increasing speed!  Mentally, I’m working a lot on mindfulness and staying relaxed during racing.  I know Rio is going to be an atmosphere unlike any other meet I’ve been to, so I want to be as prepared for that as possible!”
Thank you Michelle, and keep up the great work!!