Margalis Blog October 2015

October is a fun month because now that we are all back in shape, we get to do more specialty work. On Monday afternoon we have threshold set and the breaststrokers break off for breaststroke threshold. This year we’ve been doing long course Monday threshold which is new for the Olympic year. Since the college kids are training for short course, we do breath holding exercises for all the pullouts. For example, last week we did 4x150s that were 50 1 arm 3 kick breaststroke, 50 freestyle only take 3 breaths and then a 50 build breaststroke. Also, we’ve started doing 400 IM group on Tuesday mornings. In my opinion, it’s the hardest practice of the week and is definitely not one that I enjoy. But I do know that it makes me better! In addition, we started having Tuesday distance group which is mostly for the non distance swimmers that need some distance work during the week. A lot of our 400 IMers are in that practice. Tuesday ends up being a pretty hard day for me between doing 400 IM group and distance group.

A new thing for me this year has been doing sprint group on Thursday afternoon. It’s an all power practice. We do a lot of underwater work with socks and work on the power racks. There’s a lot of holding your breath in this practice since most of the swimmers do the 50 freestyle so that part is especially hard.