Margalis Blog August 2015

I just finished my 2015 swim season and I must say it’s been a learning experience. It was a fun one though! We just wrapped up with the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russia. What a great experience! It fills me up with so much pride to be able to represent the red, white and blue! Also, my first meet as a part of Team Dolfin which was really awesome. The group of athletes at Worlds was such an amazing group to be able to train with and cheer on for almost 3 weeks. Everyone meshed so well right off the bat. I’m so thankful to be able to have witnessed some truly incredible swims from up in the stands.

I didn’t end up going a best time in my best event, the 200 IM, this year. I am not letting myself be upset about this though. I am a strong believer in the fact that all the hard work you put In pays off at some point. So I know that even if all the hard training I put in between Pan Pacs and Worlds didn’t result in a best time this year that doesn’t mean it won’t pay off in a big way next year. I expect a big time drop next summer at Olympic Trials. I hope that if there are any other swimmers in my shoes this year they aren’t being discouraged for next summer!

As for now, I’m enjoying the World Cup stops in Moscow and Paris. Being very thankful for the opportunities swimming is constantly giving me. Having fun exploring places I’ve never seen and racing a few events. ¬†Then I get a week off back at home in Clearwater, FL! A week of soaking up sun, shopping with mom and plenty of bonding time with my parents and best friend! After the week off, it’s back to Athens, GA for the hard work to start back up for the most important year of the quad!

Melanie Margalis