Konkoly Blog, November 2015

Training has been going really well and I’m excited to finally get back into racing!  Next week I’m headed up to the Minnesota Grand Prix to race long course for the first time since the summer.  I’m excited to see where my times are at after two solid months of training, and also to hang with some of the other Dolfin pros as well as some Paralympic teammates.

My coach has really upped our resistance work this fall – twice a week I swim doubles, and the second practice is a sprint-oriented workout using parachutes.  This fall we’ve been doing not only a greater number of chutes each workout, but also lowering the intervals, which really gets our blood pumping!  A practice of mostly 25’s seems easy on paper, but when you add a parachute and do intervals on only 20 seconds, it’s pretty tough!  I’ve also been doing more pulling during practice, since my injury causes my legs to get overtired and cramp up very quickly.  By pulling longer aerobic sets, I’m able to stay focused on my pacing and technique rather than distracting foot cramps!