Klueh Blog February 2016

Klueh Training

This has been a fun and challenging week of training! As I continue to push my ability to consistently train at higher and higher levels, I’m becoming increasingly excited about my preparations for the Olympic Trials in a few months. A previous coach of mine, the legendary Jon Urbanchek (who turns 80 years young this summer!), told me not to be over-concerned about what my best and worst workouts are each week. Rather, he had me identify what my average workout was and then encouraged me to focus on improving that during the next week. That being said, here’s a set I was extremely happy with last week (the times listed right of the @ are the intervals):


1 X 100 @ 1:00

1 X 400 @ 3:48

1 X 200 @ 2:00

1 X 300 @ 2:48

1 X 300 @ 3:00

1 X 200 @ 1:48

1 X 400 @ 4:00

1 X 100 @ :48


After this tough week of training, I am temporarily trading my Dolfin swimsuit for a business suit for a medical school interview. I’m sure to be rejuvenated to work hard when I return to the pool next week!