Dolfin Pros Headed to Rio Test Event!

Dolfin Paralympians

Michelle Konkoly, Roy Perkins and Tucker Dupree just arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to compete at the 2016 Para-Swimming test event. This meet will take place from April 22-24 at the newly built Aquatic Stadium in Olympic Park. With over 200 paralympic swimmers from all over the world competing, the event will serve as a test run for the Paralympic Games that will be held in September. We chatted with our pros about the fun and excitement of this competition at their first breakfast in Rio where they were happy to be eating cake, a common Brazilian breakfast food. American Record holder Michelle Konkoly said “Our goals for the meet are to scope out the venue and put up freaky fast times, in a freaky fast pool, while wearing freaky fast Titanium suits!” 

They’ll definitely have the chance for speed at this venue. The pool boasts 18,000 fan seats, 10 lanes, 50 by 25 meters in length and width with a depth of 3 meters for optimal racing. Konkoly, Perkins and Dupree will each be swimming multiple individual events with Konkoly also competing on the medley and free relays. Konkoly explained, “I’m really looking forward to putting together some fast women’s relays!” 

The pros are ready to experience everything Rio has to offer and soak up the advantages. They said “This will take away a lot of questions we may have had going into the games about the logistics and also give us the ability to visualize our races at the venue we will be racing at in September.” Good luck guys!

Article by Meredith Roberts