Dolfin Hires Longtime Swimwear Veteran Matt Zimmer as Director of Brand Development

Matt Zimmer hired as Director of Brand Development

JADE SWIMWEAR has hired industry expert Matt Zimmer as the Director of Brand Development for its Dolfin® Swimwear product line, to include product development and promotional responsibilities.

“Matt has a proven track record in aquatics for developing both strategies and products which have positively impacted competitive swimming.” says Jim Korth, President and CEO of Dolfin Swimwear. “Dolfin® is on a great growth trajectory, and with so much interest in our brand, we feel great about landing Matt as a leader and innovator for Dolfin.”

Since 2011 Matt has worked as the VP of Sales The Swim Team Store™/The Lifeguard Store™, a privately held distributor and manufacturer, of competitive swimwear and accessories, where he oversaw tremendous growth in the company, including designated national partnerships with groups like US Masters Swimming, the College Swim Coaches Association of America, USA Swimming and the YMCA.

Prior to 2011, Matt worked as the Director of Team Sales and Promotions for TYR Sport™ since 1995, where he helped grow their team business as the 2nd largest competitive brand in North America.

“One of the most striking facts is that Dolfin® has continued to grow in a very crowded and competitive market.” says Matt Zimmer, “I think it’s a great compliment to be considered the number one brand in practice suits – swimmers all over the world know how well our suits look and hold-up under the hours of training they do. I know we have the same opportunity in a number of areas around the deck, and I’m excited to help guide us there.”

One of the only aquatic brands to be based, operate, and manufacture in North America, one of Dolfin’s® strengths is the ability to react quickly to product or production demands. “It’s thrilling to be part of an organization that actively listens to our coaches and athletes for the tools they need to be successful.” says Matt Zimmer, “There are no layers of bureaucracy to muddle through here at Dolfin® – a great idea can come to market quickly and help the athlete. This is a great team to be a part of, and I can’t wait to start initiating the projects that coaches and athletes are clamoring for.