Bollier Blog – December 2015

It’s been an exciting fall! Since the season is pretty much over, this will be a full summary of what’s been going on. I moved about 20 miles south of Palo Alto, where I used to live, I got back into heavy training (it is an Olympic year, after all!), and I had my first ever photo shoot with Dolfin, to name a few highlights! And since we’re coming off of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d dedicate this post to the things for which I was most thankful this fall.

The incredible coaches I’ve had over my swimming career: primarily at the Kansas City Blazers where I grew up, at Stanford University, my current home, and at PASA, my home-away-from-home team. Thanks to all of you!

My family: Barbara, René, and Anne-Marie, plus all of my extended relatives, for being so supportive in just about every situation imaginable. And also my other extended family, all of the roommates, housemates, and other close friends who have been nearby for so long, and who have reached out when I needed it most!

My new family at Dolfin: just some people selling swimsuits?! The Dolfin team has a lot of current and former swimmers who are really involved in the sport, and that passionate culture goes much deeper than making a profit or winning. Joining the Dolfin team has shown me that working hard and having fun with swimming doesn’t really end when you leave the pool; it’s a lifetime reward.

Being healthy and staying healthy: sometimes it takes a sickness or an injury to realize how much you take it for granted when things are actually going your way. Thankfully, I am healthy right now, and I’m going to do my best to make sure that it stays that way this entire year.

There are a lot of other things I could (and ought to) bring up, but I’ll leave it there for now. Photos and videos from that photo shoot a few weeks ago are rolling out left and right, so keep an eye out for me, Melanie, Michelle, and Tucker in those! I’m in the green Titanium suit, for reference.

– Bobby Bollier