Bobby Bollier Q&A

Bobby Warm-Up

This week for our teammate Tuesday we check in with team dolfin member Bobby Bollier, our resident “fly guy” and 2015 Pan Ams medalist. We caught up with Bobby to talk about music, training some little known facts about him!


  1. Morning practice is universally tough. Any tips for staying motivated/positive in the morning during grueling training weeks?

Bobby: The way I’ve come to terms with morning practice over the years is by insisting that I make the ordeal worth my time. This starts when I wake up – I set a single alarm and never let myself snooze through it. As I’m driving to practice, I reflect on my goals for the day (admittedly, half of this is simply because I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep at the wheel if I don’t get my brain going). I make sure to say “good morning” to at least two teammates when I roll in. Lastly – and this is really the key thing – I relax in the hot tub for 5-10 minutes right before practice begins. When all is said and done, I guess there are two things that get me going for morning practices: first, I commit to waking up and being prepared for practice; and second, I reward myself with a little time in the hot tub!

  1. What is the one song you have to listen to before you race?

B: I am one of those weirdos who doesn’t listen to music once I get on deck at the swim meet. Maybe that’s something I should try changing up so that I don’t end up with something annoying playing in my head once I start racing! Worst music I’ve had stuck in my head during a race? Um…there’s a relatively recent Taylor Swift song that’s a bit hard to shake off, so to speak, once you have it going in your head.


  1. What is a fun/not well known talent of yours?

B: I can do a fairly convincing Donald Duck voice – but don’t let me get started unless you want to hear it the rest of the day!
Thank you Bobby, and keep up the great work!!