Andrew Gemmell: Open Water 10K National Champion!

Andrew Natl Champ

Congratulations to Dolfin Pro Andrew Gemmell on his new national title in the 10k!

In typical open water fashion, the men’s 10k race at Miromar Lakes, FL was a roller coaster of strategy, speed and emotion. According to 2008 Olympic Coach John Dussliere, “Andrew played this race brilliantly. He stayed in the pack and waited to make his move.” Gemmell, a 2012 Olympian, was able to conserve energy, maintain his pace, and plan his breakout in the smoother waters of the middle of the pack.

With about 2000 meters to go, Gemmell slowly started to make his move, increasing his speed and moving up spots. A group of leaders emerged from the pack. Dussliere explains, “It turned into a clump of five or six guys. They were all just trying to win. Andrew was stuck behind that group. Then, he went around them which is a huge risk. You have to swim further and faster at the same time. But that’s what he did.”

Gemmell’s risk paid off. He touched first with a time of 1:53:53.79 ahead of the Netherlands’ Ferry Weertman (1:53.55.11) and Ous Mellouli from Tunisia (1:53:55.5). The excitement of the finish quickly turned into confusion when USA Swimming tweeted that Gemmell may have been disqualified for a time chip falling off during his race. Moments later, the results were posted with Gemmell missing. Thankfully, USA Swimming later overturned this DQ to reinstate Gemmell as the rightful National Champion.

What an amazing race and accomplishment for Andrew Gemmell! We are very proud of you and all of your hard work. Enjoy your victory!


Article by Meredith Roberts