Margalis Blog September 2015

September is one of my favorite times of the year! Everyone is getting back into shape and excited for the year ahead. During September you’re constantly being beaten down to a pulp but it feels so good. It’s good to leave the pool knowing you just got better. During dryland sessions you hear a lot of “Go Dawgs!!” around here and it makes me want to push even harder every time I hear it. It’s also an exciting time for training with a college team because it’s a whole new team! Seniors have left and freshman have come in. This is will be my 6th team I’ve been through at Georgia and they’ve all been special in their own ways.

This is my second time being apart of an Olympic year at Georgia and I must say there’s always this special feeling you get this year. The ones on the team that feel they have a chance of making the Olympic team have this electric feeling around them. It’s truly an awesome thing to experience. I’m very excited for this next year of training with my teammates.